Benefit from Options Trading and Reduce your Risk

While options have been around for more than four decades, many investors have shied away from trading them because they find them puzzling or too sophisticated, but the reality is that with the right strategy, options can be a great vehicle for generating a consistent income with a reduced market risk. 

At Lots of Options, our goal is to give you the tools and information needed to help you define your risk parameters and desired benefits. 

Aside from the appeal of generating income with options, there are many other reasons why investors should consider trading options: 


Low entry barriers

Trading options is significantly less expensive than buying the actual underlying asset, so you can control the same amount of shares with much less capital. Additionally, options allow you to enter and exit positions quicker and with reduced risk.


Today’s many trading platforms allow you to trade from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.


Because buying options comes at a much lower price than buying the actual asset, you can extend your capital further and diversify better across an increased number of investment opportunities.

Better chance of success

Because in order to profit from an option you don’t necessarily have to exercise it and because volatility can actually be profitable, options can prove successful even while other sectors of the market fail.

While there are great benefits to trading options, the best way to prevent losses beyond your comfort zone is to establish strong risk management strategies based on an objective approach. Cutting losses through stop orders, profit taking, and protective puts is a smart way to ensure you are in this long term.