Why sign-up to the Lots of Options newsletter?

The expert advisors at Lots of Options have over 20 years of experience trading everything from Asian Contagion, to the Long-Term Equity blowup,  and now Covid-19. Our newsletter will deliver that experience directly to your inbox so you can begin trading successfully. 

Do you base your advice on your own trades or are the advice and results posted hypothetical?

Win, lose, or break even, we are in the trades with you. The trade advice we give you as well as the stop-loss updates are based on real life and real trading. You might have gotten in on a trade later than we did, so the price of entry might be different, but when we advise you to get out it’s because the price is beginning to move against us. 

Are your trades based on fundamental or technical analysis?

Our analysis is largely technical, but in a vacuum. In order to trade exclusively based on technical analysis, you cannot trade in a vacuum, so the underpinning of price and the narrative upon which price is based are all important. This is why relying solely on financial media is not enough and you need to be objective in your analysis of supply, demand, and the manner in which price and volume form. 

What trade sizes do you recommend?

Our risk management strategies are based on trades that don’t exceed 5% of your trading capital. This principle allows us to diversify our portfolio, and together with the use of stop-losses, it protects our capital to allow us to trade another day. 

How many trades can subscribers expect advice on per month?

Unlike the Motley Fool or Stansberry,  our newsletter will present the trades that we execute. As we grow our subscriber base, we may find our customers chasing trades that are no longer ripe for execution, which is never a good idea. So when we reach that point, we will open a second newsletter featuring similar trades in different equities, indices or futures.

What if I don’t like your service?

We offer a 30 day trial period, so you can test our service with no commitment and determine whether this is the right tool for you.  The 30 trial period includes access to all trades and recommendations as well as an explanation of the philosophy behind each trade and instructions for execution. Once the trial period is over, your monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time and for any reason.

We are here to help you be as profitable as possible with as limited risk as possible, using lower margin, less exposure and shorter timeframes.

If I am limiting my upside and my downside, how will I be able to make a lot of money?

We believe in trading as a business. The market is not a lottery and is not a get rich quick scheme. We are here to build a solid business and we would like to build it with you.

Why not buy stocks to hold for the long-term?

You should. Buying gold and other precious metals, stable stocks that can pay dividends over the long-term, and solid tech stocks is a great investment strategy, but that is not what our service is focused on. Having a diverse portfolio and a multi-faceted strategy is not only valid, but important.